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Beach Mineral Company is a leading integrated mineral company, involved in processing a variety of Beach Sand Mineral products. Beach Mineral Company's core competence exists in Mining, Processing and Refining of Almandine Garnet, Ilmenite & Zircon for industrial applications worldwide.

Excellent Product:
The abrasive grains have high specific gravity, exceptional material hardness and very low breakdown rate. This ensures significantly reduced dust levels, improved operator visibility resulting in superior cleaning compared to other conventional abrasives. BMC Garnet being an inert, non-toxic natural mineral containing less than 0.1% free silica does not cause any health risk to personnel or environmental contamination in surrounding areas.

Economical Solution:
Garnet, due to its characteristic sub-angular fractured shape, is highly efficient in the blasting process. Its low abrasive consumption and ability to be recycled up to 4 to 6 times with out losing its efficiency, makes it desirable for many surface preparation applications. BMC garnet's distinctiveness enhances the efficiency and increases the productivity and at the same time reduces abrasive consumption thus leading to significant cost savings per square meter blasted.

Efficient Enterprise:
Based on careful planning, the front-line mineral processing technologies are employed to deliver the most efficient product with the least environmental impact. BMC Garnet is processed under stringent quality control measures. This ensures product consistency and delivery of the assured proportion of particle size distribution in the abrasive mix for a uniform surface profile. A well-equipped in-house laboratory and testing facility complements the production process to ensure compliance with the international standard at all times.


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